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  Cute Cat Pictures  

When first considering a pet for an apartment, you might think of cats, and for good reason. They are easy to care for, almost taking care of themselves, and do not need constant attention like many other pets.

  Prevent Candle Fires  

Candle safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association.

  HTML Characters  

Common International HTML character codes for International characters in the UTF-8 Character Set

  Car Ride Games  

Show us your skill driving our free online car racing games

  Free FICO Score  

What is your FICO score and what is it used for? What is in it and what is not in it? Who gets to see it?

  Free Credit Score  

What is your FICO score and what is it used for? What is in it and what is not in it? Who gets to see it?

  Butterfly Dogs  

Papillon Dog Information

  Crown Chakra  

See a chakra symbol of the seventh chakra, the Crown Chakra.

  Bad Credit Credit Card  

Choose from a variety of Bad Debt Credit Card Offers

  Male Blonde Jokes  

Male blonde jokes. Are blonde guys as dumb as the blonde girls? You will just have to read them to find out.

  Mortgage Lenders  

Calculate your monthly home mortgage payment to see how much house you can afford. Find out what you need to know before applying for a mortgage.

  Satellite Radio FAQ  

Satellite Radio FAQ


Kyi-Leo Information

  Miss Piggy Stories.  

Read our fan club member, Barb's, Miss Piggy story.

  Original Tetris  

Play Classic, Original Tetris

  Candle Tips  

Tips for getting the most out of your candles.

  Visa Credit Card  

Apply for a Visa credit card online.

  Credit Card Debt  

If your credit card bills are out of control, here is some help in getting a handle on them.

  Color Balance  

This book, written in 1921, explains Color Balance and how it can be achieved using the Albert Munsell Color Wheel.

  Dumb Blond Jokes  

Read our collection of funny dumb blonde jokes

  Cool Optical Illusions  

In this optical illusion, stationary objects seem to move.

  Perspective Optical Illusions  

In this perspective optical illusion, it is hard to tell what size the objects really are.

  Native American Drums  

Native American Style Hoop drums have long been used to great effect.

  Best Dogs For Children  

Kyi-Leo Information

  Fun Math Games  

We have a whole bunch of cryptic math puzzles for you to solve. Some are relatively easy. Some are difficult and hard.

  Solfeggio Music Scale  

In Western music, notes are represented by Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Learn the Indian Solfeggio system of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa. The Solfeggio Music Scale is also interesting in that it changes over the course of the day.

  Loan Consolidation  

If you are drowning in credit card debt or other debt, perhaps a debt consolidation loan is the answer. The options vary from a home equity loan or refinancing home loan to a secured or unsecured loan. Learn what questions to ask before signing.

  Color Therapy Products  

Color Glasses for natural health. Read about the benefits of color therapy.

  Corgi Information  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Information

  Third Eye Chakra  

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the head behind your eyebrows. This Chakra is related to our ability to perceive clearly. Intuition, insight, and imagination are also associated with this Chakra.

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